Google My Business Update – TeleHealth Appointment & COVID info Links

Google My Business Covid Update

As the COVID-19 pandemic is defining the health crisis of our time and everyone is fighting a battle with this outbreak, Google also took a step to fight with this catastrophe. Recently Google rolled out a Google my Business update for all the medical/Health listings by adding separate Telehealth Appointment and COVID info links.

Telehealth is basically a way of providing health services remotely to the people who are out of physical reach of Doctors. So these telehealth links are basically the destination pages on your web having more detailed information about such telemedicine at that health centre. Erica Paige shared a screenshot of this Google My Business update on Twitter.


Here is a snapshot of How the link will appear once added on the listing and are under google review.

The COVID info link is also added for the on-going pandemic to help people get important information from their trusted health/medical offices.

With this new Google My Business Update, these Options automatically appear on all the medical/Health-related Google My Business listings. All you have to do is add your web links and they’ll show up on the listing as soon as Google will approve them after reviewing.

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